Trophy & Competitions

 CEMAS Full Impact Short Video Trophy   
The ESSEC Center of Excellence for Management & Society (CEMAS) is organizing the first full impact short video Trophy. It will end on November 11 at noon. The contest is open to individuals, teams, students as well as members of the ESSEC community. 

People often wish to adopt more environmentally friendly habits! However, they frequently fail to identify a simple gesture or a trick that if repeated daily by thousands of people could have a tremendous positive impact on the planet. The aim of your short video is to encourage the widest possible audience to adopt such a gesture or trick. The video must be designed to maximize the adoption rate of the gesture or the trick among the general audience. 

ESSEC K-lab offers different video recording and editing self-services available all week long. The video can be in English, French, both or any other languages with French or English subtitle. Its format must not exceed 3 minutes in total, including the list of the contributors at the end. 

The video must be posted publicly on YouTube and the link should be sent to

When you upload your video to Youtube, please do fill carefully the Title section, include a short description with your name and program and in the Tag section list all the key words related to your video with ESSEC, CEMAS, Trophy, #getinvolved. 

The video with the wider audience on November 11 at noon will win the contest. However, the content of the video must fit with the general goal of the contest as explained above - make a change for the planet and encourage people to adopt it - and in line with the ESSEC Code of Honors. 

The ESSEC Center of Excellence for Management & Society (CEMAS) will promote the winner and a selection of videos for at least one year to the ESSEC Community and a larger audience.