A word from the CEO

Jean-Michel Blanquer

Dare the Adventure! The Road Not Taken. 

From 10th to 15th October 2016, ESSEC will hold its 3rd Involvement Week committed to paying tribute to every type of involvement expressed throughout the year within our School.

As such, we wish to create opportunities for people to meet each other in order to strengthen the solidarity within the community, between students, professors, alumni and members of staff.

Getting involved is all about making the choice to build with others, refusing individualism and putting one’s energy, talent, and enthusiasm at the service of an objective with a higher meaning – whether it takes the form of a charity, entrepreneurial, social or political initiative. In this way, getting involved means giving a goal and a purpose to your acts and your life. In this sense, it means advancing towards freedom. It is also about giving yourself the opportunity, while on this trail across unknown territory, to discover, gain in experience, and learn.

Involvement is therefore an adventure. And because we share the pioneering spirit, it’s time to dare the adventure!

From next 10th to 15th October, ESSEC invites you to take a break from the usual road and head for the trail to dare the adventure together. Throughout the week, more than 70 events – testimonials, debates, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, forums or performances – will take place on our Cergy, CNIT, Rabat and Singapore campuses with a very strong turn out from our student clubs and associations. This week-long event will feature themes as varied as: art, sport, service to society and the environment, international, new professional frontiers, entrepreneurship, but also ESSEC, land of adventure, with professional clubs, international chapters, mentoring, the ESSEC Foundation.

Finally, this 3rd consecutive Involvement Week will be an occasion to celebrate ESSEC. We count on your participation and your involvement at the service of our institution!

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School